Chinese skeletons in the Roman ruins

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The Beijing Cuckoo Project is tracking some Beijing cuckoos on their annual migration.

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Birds of Kwazulu

Secretary Bird

I spent a few days in early June with my family in Hluhluwe game reserve in Kawazulu Natal, South Africa. Below is a list of some of the birds of we saw in our three days there, without really trying.

As much as I love the mountains around Beijing, they just can’t compete with Africa for bird life. Central and southern China are of course different and have a much greater variety of birds.

But up in the north, between the harsh winters and the local appetites for feathered creatures, it’s a hard life for a bird.

• Sacred Ibis
• African Hoopoe
• Mousebird
• Fiscal Shrike
• Common Francolin
• Burchell’s Coucal
• African Fish Eagle
• Cape Turtle Dove
• Fork-tailed Drongo
• Black Widow Finch
• Black-eyed Bulbul
• Waldburg’s Eagle
• Woolly-necked stork
• European Masked Warbler
• African Hawk Eagle
• Southern Bulbul
• Yellow-eyed Canary
• Grey Heron
• African Pied Wagtail
• Scimitar-billed Wood Hoopoe
• Three-banded Plover
• Hamerkop
• Natal Francolin
• Groundscraper Thrush
• Blue Waxbill
• Secretary Bird
• Cape Glossy Starling
• White-backed Vulture
• White Egret
• Ostrich
• Hadeda
• Red-billed Oxpecker
• Emerald-spotted Wood Dove
• European Bea-eater
• Indian Mynah
• Pied Crow
• Little Egret
• White-faced Duck
• Egyptian Goose
• Grey Heron
• Giant Kingfisher
• Stone Chat
• White-throated Swallow
• Crested Barbet
• Brown Snake Eagle